Refund to my old card

Hi all

I am shortly expecting a refund from Airbnb for a trip to the US cancelled due to Covid. They have confirmed (today) that they have actioned the refund, but said they will refund to the card that I used to pay for the stay, which was the old hot coral card. I have since changed to the new blue card which obviously has a different card number. What do I need to do?



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Hey Stuart,

You don’t need to do anything.

The old card, even in it’s deactivated state, is still linked to your account - Monzo doesn’t forget about it.

Your refund will still appear as usual even though it’s to a deactivated card.


Brilliant thank you Dan

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I can confirm it worked for me - on a card I used two years ago :blush:

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And so it did - Refund arrived in my account this morning! Now maybe someone can teach Norwegian Air about such levels of refund efficiency!

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