Refund timescales

I’m just looking to see what people’s experiences have been when requesting a refund from a shop.

The refund was processed on Sunday using the card machine in store as I was returning the item (some shoes, for those who are curious). The guidance in the app suggests this might take up to two weeks to appear in my account, which seems excessive in this day and age.

I’m aware it isn’t a Monzo issue and not something they have control over, so not going to pester them about it, but when would you start bugging the retailer?

Personally I would give it at least 5 working days, but that based on zero knowledge of the process, just my own personal opinion what I consider reasonable.

Yeah, I think that sounds about right. I’m certainly not about to march down there/harangue them on social media after a few days. I think a week is fair though.

I think it depends on the retailer, I had refunded the next day from carphonewarhouse in the shop when I put my card in the machine

Mine have always come through surprisingly quickly. I’ve had a bunch recently from Sainsburys and both came back within 2 days. Asos is about the same - they email to say they’ve accepted my return, then the money pops up about 2 days later. I’d usually be prepared to wait about a week before raising an issue with the retailer (I always keep my refund receipts just in case), but I’d imagine you’ll get it pop in today.

I’ve had one take 30 days, which I think is the max allowed.

Edit: I’ve just realised mine wasn’t technically a refund. It was tickets for an event that was cancelled, and the “refund” was just that the merchant didn’t complete the pending transaction and it “expired” after 30 days and was added back to my balance.

Superdrug was around 24 hours for me over the weekend. Some are evidently getting gradually quicker

Had a refund from Argos a while back, don’t recall that taking more than a day or two.

Unless it’s a small business that doesn’t reconcile its card machine daily, I wouldn’t expect it to take more than a day or two for a refund done through a card machine in a shop to come through.