In-store purchase refund for no reason?

So 7ish days ago I made an instore purchase in Sainsbury’s of £9.30, everything went through fine however this morning that amount was refunded? I used Apple Pay to pay never my physical card so I’m worried it could be a scam,
I’ve had money in my account since the transaction so there is no reason for it not to go through has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi. Welcome.

When you make a transaction, it goes like this in a really simplified view

Sainsburys - Hi. Does Chelsea have £9.30?
Monzo - Yes
Sainsburys - Okay, great. They can have this fish. Keep a hold of that money and we’ll come back for it

The “hold” is valid for 7 (or sometimes 30) days and they can come back for it during that point. After that, Monzo say “You’ve had your chance, now we’ll give it back to the customer” and they do. Sometimes this happens for things you cancel or for things like a hotel/car hire.

I’m not 100% sure but I think Sainsburys can come back for it again, but that might be trickier with ApplePay.


They will come back for it, I don’t believe Apple is a barrier for this to happen.

Best to leave the funds available in the account for the next few weeks.


Same thing has happened to me overnight for a purchase I made at Sainsbury’s on 20th Feb for some things bought in store. I too was a bit flummoxed as to why the refund was made :thinking:

I used Google Wallet to make my payment

Wonder if Sainsbury’s had a problem last week resulting in the money being refunded?

And the refund has just been taken back so all sorted from my end


I had a run a few years ago where every time I went to KFC I was refunded. Started going for buckets and buckets.

A few weeks later, bang they took it all back.

Was completely worth it.


Yep they took mine back too :joy: would have been nice to have an extra £9.30 but oh well

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Something odd has just happened

When original payment was made on 20th a round up was made to my Pot which was the expected behaviour and then got the refund overnight.

So when they have taken the money again just now they have taken a further roundup which I wouldn’t have expected to happen again as there was one taken last week.

If I didn’t have money in my account this could have put me into an overdraft position as Monzo have in effect allowed a round up to happen twice. Most unusual

I’m pretty sure you can’t be ‘rounded-up’ into an overdraft.

But I might have made that up