Time for refund to appear

(Jonathon Whitehead) #1

Hi everyone. Just wondering how long it takes for a refund to appear on your account? We went to the cinema yesterday evening and the chap overcharged me. He gave me a refund straight away but this has failed to appear on my account, just the full amount. Has anyone else had this type of querie before?

Contactless refund not working
(Hugh) #2

Hey @Jonny6511!

Refunds can take around a week to appear on the account!


It can take up to 5 working days i beleve.


payments are taken immediately but refunds take some time, how long will depend on how the merchant process them

(Mickey Day) #5

Hey @Jonny6511 - Refunds depend a bit on the merchant. As different merchants process refunds at different times, it can take up to a week to appear in your feed :money_with_wings:
The money should appear on your feed as soon as it reaches you. Keep hold of the decline receipt if you have it, as we can help you out a lot faster if it does not turn up. Be sure to get in touch if you have any worries :blush: :+1:t2:

(Caspar) #6

I’ve found they appear in Monzo much quicker than other accounts I’ve had in the past. I’ve had refunds from both Amazon and ASOS and both showed up in my account the following day. But factor in up to a week.

(Jonathon Whitehead) #7

Thanks so much for your replies. Ill keep you informed

(Adam) #8

I had an email from Amazon to say I’d been refunded for a returned item a few weeks back. It wasn’t a cheap item either!

It was in my account within half an hour, impressive stuff!

(Jonathon Whitehead) #9

Good morning. The refund appeared yesterday afternoon not long after I posted on here. Would like to say thanks to all that responded and what a great place this is. Keep up the good work everyone :grin::+1: