How long does it take to receive refunds from a retailer?


Could someone let me know how long (usually) would it take to receive credit back to Monzo account from a refund due from a retailer?
I know from my ‘old’ legacy bank they could take up to 10 days, but not sure with Monzo.
It is not accounting for it in my available to spend yet, but I assume it won’t until it displays in my feed?
In case it is relevant, the retailer is B&Q.


I got a refund from Sainsbury’s processed yesterday and it came into my account today.


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It could be up to 10 days with us too. To explain, some retailers can take up to a week to even send them out (even if you have a refund receipt and all) and then it will have to go through a card network settlement cycle (about one working day) before the money reaches us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, we show refunds in the app as soon as we receive them!


Thanks Rika

Had a refund processed instore last night, which has appeared on my Monzo account today. Very pleased its gone back in so quickly. :+1:

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I had a refund appeared a day after it was prrocessed.

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