How long does refund take from world remit?

I would like to know how long refund it takes to get refund from world remit into my monzo account? It has been 5days already and yet nothing. Kindly advise thank u.

I don’t particularly know about World Remit but the Monzo help pages says that it can take up to 14 days for a refund to appear back in your account.

This depends on the merchant. As soon as Monzo receive the money you’ll see it on your account. If after 14 days you don’t see the refund you should contact the merchant.


It’s nothing that anyone on here can help with sorry, it’s also not in Monzo’s gift either. It’s down to the merchant, as the previous poster said.

Thanks but a mail was sent from world remit that refund has been sent to my bank which is monzo. Why is it that I haven’t still received it. This is really stressful

It depends how long that merchant takes to actually process that refund, it could take their own bank a few days to process it through the systems, as others have said it takes up to 14 days as per Monzo’s help pages, you’ll just have to wait and hopefully it will show in a few more days

Hi Claudia,

While folk here are trying to help, I should probably say that this is a space for Monzos customers to talk about fintech and about Monzo - it’s not a support channel and we’re not Monzo staff.

If you chat to Monzo in your app you’ll be connected to someone who does work for Monzo and who can help.

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What did the mail say? “Refund will take 5-7 days” or something like that? How long has it been?

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