Refund missing

i ordered from sportdirect last sunday and they emailed me saying that they dont have the item in stock and the order would be cancelled and i would be refunded with 2 - 5 days it is now sunday the 7th july and i have not seen the money back into my account.

please help

Have you contacted Customer Support via the app? They’re best placed to help :slightly_smiling_face:


Why put this here? Contact customer support.

I’d argue Sports Direct are the best ones to ask. Monzo aren’t really going to be able to do anything. But I’d definitely wait 1-2 days longer before contacting Sports Direct, anyway.

I’d check with Sports Direct first to make sure they sent the money, because Monzo will show it as soon as it arrives.


They normally take up to 5 working ( business days) days to process. Meaning that the refund will show up probably sometime next week, depending what day Sportsdirect has issued the refund .:blush:


It might just be that the poster is new to the site and thought this was the most logical place to ask?



This is a forum. It is nothing wrong with asking things that you are not sure about . Even if it’s not fully related to Monzo. Sometimes it can be confusing why the refund takes as long as it takes.

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Did you receive your refund yet ? :wink: