Refund after 14 days - not recieived

I havent recieved a refund i am due and its been over 14 days , it says to contact customer support with some information but i cant find any details!

Have you spoken to the company you’ve requested it from to follow it up? If you search the help section for refund hasn’t arrived, at the bottom it should give you a chat to us button.

You’ll need to folllow the page info:

Please note it’s not a LIVE chat so may take some time for a response

What has the company that is supposed to be refunding you said?

Monzo will show the money in your account as soon as they receive it. Until they do, they can’t really be of much help.

I would contact the retailer that is supposed to be issuing the refund as well as taking a look at the article screenshot Carl has posted.

Most definitely the retailer has most likely forgotten to process the refund or perhaps there was an issue on their end.

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