Refund into closed Monzo account. (Monzo Closed Account Without Explanation)

My Monzo account was blocked for no reason given, I gave alternative details fro my funds to be transferred but ~I received a refund into the Monzo account a month or two later. What happens to that refund? HELP!

If the account is closed it’ll probably return to the sending bank

If you have evidence of the account being closed provide it to the entity refunding you, they may require this evidence to have it paid anywhere else for AML reasons

It was a refund from Ticketmaster in October they also did not contact me to let me know but they are saying that it was refunded and I have to wait 15 days for them to find out where it went. CONFUSING!

I wondered if it would have gone tot he alternative account details I gave for them to transfer my remaining balance but apparently now.

They should be able to provide evidence of what card it was refunded to, it’s probably the one you paid on, but Monzo won’t get the money if the account is closed, it will bounce back but this can take quite a bit of time.

Usually a refund can’t be sent to where a person requests it, as some fraudsters do use refunds as a means of cleaning funds…but if you can prove the account is closed you may be able to get them to refund it elsewhere, should the money bounce back

I’m afraid this customer forum isn’t the place to discuss closed accounts. Do drop Monzo an email to confirm what will happen, though.