Closed my account but had money paid in to after

i transferred money in to my monzo account from another bank but i closed my account how do i get my money back any help tried calling 4 times today no answer and i have left 2 emails but no reply

If the account is closed it should bounce back to the sending bank. Not sure how long this takes

Email but that might be a few days for an answer

Emails take days to reply to, especially so for non-customers.

It should bounce back to you if the account was definitely closed.

how you find out if your account was fully closed

Try logging into the app

But if you closed it then it’s closed

Did you close it? Move away? Just delete the app?

i spoke to one of there team on the app chat and ask to delete my account they asked for proof of id at the time and i done this on the 8th nov 2020

and they told me my account would be closed immediately

seems the best thing you can do is what you’ve already been advised to do and email Monzo. You’ll have to be patient as they are not quick to respond.

If your account is fully closed then in all likelihood the funds will bounce back before you a resolution from customer service

thank you