Refund to blocked card?

I have received a new card because Monzo suspected fraud on the old account. However I am waiting for a few refunds to my old card and don’t know if I will receive these if I activate my new one. Also, I have a couple of bookie accounts which will only withdraw cash to the original card details I have deposited with. What will happen with these if I activate my new card (as the card details will have changed)?

It should all be fine. The bank keeps old card numbers active for a period of time. Think of when your card expires too. So it will all go over to your new card :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I wasn’t sure because fraud was suspected on the old account whether any new transactions (refunds) would be allowed back to the blocked card in future?

Yeah all refunds will find their way back to your account. Your old card details will be matched with your new one for a while yet.

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