Chargeback Closed Account

Does anyone have any experience of trying to get funds from a closed Monzo account? My account was closed in January and had an active chargeback case on there. The chargeback was won so how long does it take Monzo to release the money to you?

14 days once the merchant has sent the money - according to in app help - then presumably some amount of time to return to your other account ??

Sorry I mean the money is already with Monzo, jus want to find out how long if takes for Monzo to send it to another bank account

I would ring them and ask for it, if you closed the account , if Monzo closed the account that might be another problem depending on why Monzo closed your account , not enough detail to answer really

Might be badly worded but the OP said the below

Not “I closed my account” so it sounds like Monzo closed it :man_shrugging:

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I already have asked them, yes Monzo closed my account, I was given a notice period till January. The Chargeback was won towards the end of January. All I’m being told is its been passed to a specialist to sort out for me, that does not really help, no timescales or anything. Its alot of money too which I need

Then as @iansilversides mentioned, your case is different to what would normally happen if you used the CASS to move away, for example.

You’ll therefore need continue with the line of communication you already have open, as unfortunately only Monzo will be able to advise on this.


Hey Ordog :+1:

Unfortunately leaving it in there hands did not work, I was assured once they had an update on the chargeback they would contact me. Nobody contacted me, I actually made the contact yesterday and found the funds, have been sat with Monzo since near the end of January. So I came here to ask as my trust of support is wearing thin

Sorry to hear that :frowning_face:

Every person that has come on here wanting information in relation to a closed account has always been directed to in app chat, phone or email. It has always been out of the scope of staff who use this forum.

I’d just keep being persistent in pushing for answers through support and I hope you get it resolved soon :crossed_fingers:

Its all been rectified, thanks for the help anyway :slight_smile:


Ahh that was quick! Glad to hear :smiley:

What can I say haha, although I’m no longer a customer Monzo do not mess around. If you explain your situation and don’t back down they will help you the best they can