Refund hasn’t came back into my account in 30 days now

I tried to buy something about a month ago and it charged me but they cancelled my order, I emailed Nordstrom and they said they’ve refunded my money now Monzo just has to release it. 30 days later it still says pending transaction, and will no longer let me question the payment, doesn’t make any sense, any help is appreciated.

What happens when you press the dispute this transaction button?

If it is still saying pending, then the money hasn’t actually been taken from your account, just ring-fenced for collection. You can ask Monzo to release this for you, follow the dispute transition flow, and if it goes through to chat, just send them a screenshot confirming the order cancellation.

I have disputed the transaction already, but nothing has happened since I did that a few weeks ago, and I also tried again

Ok is there a way to make it go thru to chat?

Here is a link to the chat section of the app. Just click on this on your phone.

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