Pending Payment Issue

I have a pending payment from a pub, the order wasn’t received and they have no visibility of it on their tills so can’t refund me. There is no way of contacting their head office.

How long can it stay pending before it returns automatically, some places say 7 days others 30.

In app chat have said they now use a dispute process, they used to return the money (although it could still be collected) which I thought was great. But this now seems to have stopped.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get the money back quicker?

If you click on the transaction, scroll to the bottom + select “Something Wrong? Get Help” - it should pop up some additional info?

All I get is ‘have you contacted the merchant and given it 14 days’ if so dispute it…

There is no option to reclaim the money or anything like that

How long ago was the purchase made? Monzo tend to say to wait 8 days (which is what’s on some of my purchases). :+1:

Twas Friday. Is that working or calendar days?

I think that these days we just need to wait for it to ‘drop off’ after a month or so. You may be lucky and persuade someone to recover it early but I wouldn’t be over-optimistic.

Working days, so I’d wait till next Monday (to be sure). :slight_smile:

This is where I get confused, some say a month others a week…what is it that determines the timescale :thinking:

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