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I need someone at Monzo to look in at my case. I haven’t heard from the live chat since 5 hours. I’m very concerned about my refund. I made a transcation at Worldremit for all my money (160£) and It has been canceled. I still didn’t get a refund. I need a refund by tomorrow… I’m very concerned about this and cannot wait 8 days.

Edit: I have no option to question the payment… As I usually did. Not sure why. I need my refund asap, monzo. I have all proofs.

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You won’t get a reply from Monzo on a private account matter in the forum. The likelihood is that staff won’t even see this. In-app chat is the only way to go with this. Putting an email address on a public forum isn’t always the cleverest thing to do either.

Refunds are processed when they arrive so that’s dependant on the merchant to process. It sounds more like a cancellation than a refund in any case so you are talking potentially 8 or even 30 days for that to drop off the system if the merchant hasn’t actively cancelled the transaction.

I should also say that I suspect the chat service for this sort of thing is probably office hours so you may now be waiting until Monday for a response.


Anything urgent there’s 24/7 support.

Waiting for a refund from someone, probably isn’t that. Regardless of potential vulnerability.

Refunds take time. As soon as Monzo receive the money from the merchant you’ll see it in your account. Contact the merchant for more details or to question it.

If I’m putting two and two together, you don’t actually need a refund, do you? It sounds like the transaction is still ‘pending’ and, given you report it as being cancelled, it’s never going to authorise. Therefore what you’re looking for is for the hold on your funds to be released before the usual period has elapsed?

Do you question such payments often? It sounds like you do, as you use the word ‘usually’. That might possibly be a factor in the option not being there this time.


As i understood, the option to self reverse pending charges isn’t there for anyone anymore. It’s not there for me.

(For the record: I used to self reverse pending payments where the purchase had been cancelled. Never had a “false” reverse, where the retailer presented after I had reversed it.)

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