Refund from ATM withdrawal?

(Michael Jenkins) #1

Today an ATM withdrawal transaction was reversed, adding £40 back into my account two days after the withdrawal. I wish this was a feature and not a bug.

This is the third time an unexpected refund has happened, first time the merchant never reclaimed the money, second time they did… here’s hoping that the cash point will not re-charge my card!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

So Monzo is mistakenly reversing your withdrawals, it’s not the merchant refunding you by mistake? Have you checked this with the support team? This has never happened to me but I wish it had! :slight_smile:

(Michael Jenkins) #3

The first time Monzo support said that if a merchant takes a contactless payment and doesn’t do an additional confirmation within 7 days, the transaction is automatically reversed. However the ATM is something else, maybe I should delete this post.

(Andrew Schofield) #4

I’ve had this too when a Tesco ATM took ages to finalise the transaction. It was refunded automatically, and then later completed as a separate item in my feed.