ATM Withdrawal Refunds

On Thursday, I took cash out of a machine in a co-op supermarket in Bristol. I thought my friend had taken the cash out, but halfway home we realised nobody had taken it out of the machine. We rushed back and an employee had told us it had been sucked back into the machine. Just wondering how long it takes to be refunded back into my account? Is it refunded at all? Any help appreciated.

It’ll have been recorded and flagged, and when the machine does an automatic recount of the money stock it should be refunded to you. It can take about 7 days to process.
It may be worth contacting the Monzo support team in-app or by phone too. :slight_smile:


Lovely, thanks Jason.

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Keep in mind that someone could have taken the money and it wasn’t actually sucked back in.

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Was worried about this, luckily I checked with an employee and the cctv confirmed it had been pulled back into the machine.


Oh, that’s great then.

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