Forgot money in the ATM

Hello I forgot to take the money from ATM, the machine took them back… Monzo will give my this money?

You’ll almost certainly get the money back.

If you tap the transaction and scroll down to ‘Something wrong,’ and start a conversation with Monzo, someone will see you right. It might not be immediate, though.

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Hate to play devils advocate but if you forgot to take the money how can you be sure the machine took it back?

Without knowing more there’s the potential that someone else used the machine after you and took the money, and that makes getting the money back trickier.


ATMs suck the money back if you haven’t taken it in a short period of time (30 seconds or something, it’s not long). It should then automatically refund. The fact it hasn’t means if the machine is in a busy area someone might have taken it


how did you forget the money what was the purpose of going to the atm, or did you try to take the money out and it never dispense it or did it dispense it and show the physical money then took it back into the machine?

I didnt take the money before the 30 seconds, I was distract

In that case the money should be deposited back into your account as technically the transaction never completed. Depending on who makes the machine they can take up to 7 days to report this to monzo, but if you contact monzo to tell them what happened they should be able to escalate it and get your money back to you a lot quicker.

There was a thread about ATMs the other day where someone posted a really helpful description of how it all works behind the scenes, have a search and you shall find.

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I work in a Bank, normally when the money go back to the ATM they are classed as purge and then branch staff have to manually credit the account. So it normally takes around 5 working days depending on when they will process the purge. But you will receive your money.