Redesigned Payment Screen (Early Preview) 👀

I had the new payments screen. Now I don’t…

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New payments screen just pop’d up for me on iOS, a lot better imo!
I still need to merge some of my Payees though as the recent list just looks like “Jack” “Jack” “Jack” “Jack” :sweat_smile:


I just did a mass delete of all the “Jordans” in my payees menu - will have to sit down and add them all to the same contact :rofl::rofl:


It’s a bit repeatative, I’ve got the same group of contacts listed 4 times on the same screen. Quite messy imo. The top part of the screen is an improvement though


I suppose that is the difficulty with Frequents and Recents as they can (and in most cases will) be one and the same. Maybe having just one and then the list of all payees/contacts would be an improvement?

I’d prefer to see recent contacts and all contacts. With a little Monzo logo for the Monzo contacts. 4 lists of contacts is overkill. Get rid of the frequent and monzo lists


I’ve found 4 of these! I’m getting in touch with cops to get rid of them. They don’t like time being wasted so maybe that’ll speed up them building it in app :sunglasses:

I think recent works better than frequent - my “frequent” is to my landlord - who I’m unlikely to pay other than the already committed payment that is set up.

I like aggregating contacts as well, the little Monzo logo is already baked in as well.

Good step from the previous tab but think there is some more to be done!

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Seems they can’t get rid of them either :anguished:

I’ve just got this - it’s a welcome improvement!

I like that scheduled payments have their own tab.

On a sidenote - I’ve had this, energy switching, connected apps and Barclaycard integration all appear at the same time :flushed::flushed:

It has just shown up for me as well. Any way to hide the “Borrowing” section? I don’t want a loan and most likely won’t any time soon (if ever) so it would be nice to remove this from the screen. I tried switching off “lending promotions” but it is still showing.

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Hi all, thanks for the feedback on the new payments screen so far. This should now have rolled out to everyone on the latest versions (2.40), so please check it out and keep the feedback coming!

We’re making a couple of changes in response to your comments:

  • People whom you only make scheduled payments to (e.g. your landlord) won’t appear in the “Frequent” section. This should hopefully improve how useful that list is. This change will roll out in the next day or so.
  • The “ALL” list is now sorted alphabetically as it should be.

I get paid via FPS (grr :joy:) and it seems that my employer shows up in my “Frequent” section :slight_smile:

Might be nice to manually (or automatically?) filter stuff like that out too :smiley:

Is it just me or is having Frequent, Recent, Contacts on Monzo and ‘All’ a bit overkill? It seems messier and less organised.


I hear your argument that it feels like overkill, although each of these sections is distinct:

  • Frequent is ordered by “most paid”, so peoples’ partners, closest friends etc. should make up the top of that list. Recent might sometimes look similar to frequent, but it’s more up to date. Frequent won’t change as much over time, so you might not find a new friend you paid yesterday on there.

Frequent and Recent together should cover 95-99% of the payments you make at a single glance. From personal experience the recents list on the old payments tab often collapsed relevant people into the “More” section.

  • Contacts on Monzo are all your phone contacts who have a Monzo account, whether or not you’ve paid them before. This is useful if you want to pay someone you know for the first time.

  • ALL is just a list of everyone you’ve paid before and I expect is the least useful of the four sections.

The thinking was the vast majority of people won’t need to scroll down on this page to find who they’re looking for, but everyone is still there if you need them.


It is as people have mentioned overkill.

IMO, the initial clicking of the payments tab should have

Pay Tab:
This has all of your recent, contacts on Monzo and all.

Request tab:
Monzo me link (especially for joint accounts). This tab in joint accounts currently brings up frequent, recent, contacts on Monzo and all. Clicking any of these gives you PERSONAL accounts Monzo me link??? Utterly incorrect behaviour.

Move money tab:
As is

Frequent payees:
As it currently displays

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I think I prefer the old screen. This one just feels like a mess.


I get that each section has a distinct function, but it still feels too cluttered.
I think at the very least it would help if the Monzo contacts were just integrated into the other sections. They would still have the Monzo “M” in the corner of the contact circle to easily identify them.

When you are at the bottom of the payment tab, it would be nice if clicking the payments tab icon again would scroll you back to the top of the screen.

Another thought on clutter - what is the purpose of the create new contact button at the top next to nearby friends? It just seems to add a contact into the actual Apple contacts app. Is this a feature people have actually been using?

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What do you find most messy about it? :slight_smile: Is there something you’d strip out / move? :smiley:

I liked the circular monzo contacts on the previous screen. The amount of lists is overwhelming on the screen.

I also don’t like the recent list with the referral link underneath. It looks too busy.

I think the screen needed a tidy up, but this is not very kind on the eye :woozy_face: sorry

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