Red message - Something went wrong


Since yesterday I can’t use my card anymore or transfer money from my pot to my card.
A red message saying “something went wrong” appears all the time.
I tried to remove the app and installed again but it’s still the same.

If you can’t use your card, or the app, and you’ve done all the restarting and reinstalling, you’ll need to email or/and call the number on the back of the card.



Has your card expired?
Have you checked your junk mail for messages from Monzo?

It’s quite a remarkable coincidence to have a faulty card and faulty app at the same time, which suggests to me that it’s something at Monzo’s end.

No my card isn’t expired.
I sent an email but no news and I talked to someone on the live chat but they told they’ll getting back to me with more information.
It’s really embarrassing because I can’t use my money at all.

Ah right. I got the impression you couldn’t use the app at all.

Hope it gets sorted soon for you :+1:

Doesn’t your card work either? And can you not log into to manage your finances in the mean time?

Yes I can’t do anything. :frowning:

I hope so. Thank you

I didn’t try. I’ll see

Fingers crossed it works for you :crossed_fingers: It’s only basic but you should be able to keep tabs on your finances while you’re waiting for support :slight_smile: