App malfunction

Good afternoon,
sorry for my bad English. I downloaded the Monzo App in July/August 2020, and everything has always gone perfectly smoothly.

It’s been a couple of days since I realized that my App is not functioning as it should be. I do not have any problems with the payments: the card is working perfectly and when I pay the notifications appear on my phone telling me where I spent the money, how much have I spent and the amount of money I spent in a day.

However, since yesterday when I open the App I read “Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if it continues”. It basically stopped showing me the payments and it doesn’t show me the right amount of money I have on my card - it is frozen to the last payment. I can’t freeze my money nor contact assistance via App.

I know it sounds like a minor problem, but it bothers me a lot, especially since I’m not able to see the exact amount of money I have on my card.

Please, help me solve this problem.

Doing the below will likely resolve it.

  • Delete the app
  • Restart your phone
  • Reinstall the app

And sign in with the correct email :+1:

…always worth saying

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Does your phone have a working internet connection via Wifi or Mobile data?

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I’ve encountered this bug a few times on iPhone. For whatever reason, the app at times can just decide it’s no longer able to fetch updates from the server.

There are two fixes I’ve found, but neither are guaranteed to fix it, and it requires a bit of trial and error.

  1. Keep the app open, and tap try again when prompted. Eventually it should successfully fetch new data from the server and update your transaction feed accordingly.
  2. If that doesn’t work, quit the app and relaunch it. You have to actually quit it by swiping it away in the app switching view, simply exiting the app and reopening it won’t do it. It may take a few attempts but this has always eventually resolved it for me.

@ordog’s suggestions above may offer a more permanent solution to this issue, though I’ve not tried deleting the app myself. Restarting your phone won’t solve the issue alone though, in fact, the phone being switched off whilst the app is in the background can actually cause the issue. It most commonly happens to me when I first go back onto my phone after charging it from the battery dying.

iPhone doesn’t auto reconnect to wifi after powering back on until it is unlocked, which may be breaking background app refresh to a degree, and would perhaps explain why the bug manifests the way it does, with push notifications still coming through, but Monzo failing to fetch feed updates from the server.

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