Card failing everywhere


Over the last week I haven’t been able to use my card, its being declined everywhere, any ideas?

Does the app state why? Best people to contact would be the support chat, there are no reported issues and mines been working fine :slight_smile:


You haven’t frozen it and forgot to unfreeze it?


Might sound like a totally stupid thing and you’ve probably checked, but your card isn’t frozen is it? Try feezing and unfreezing again… failing that contact support as @terryharman said


Unfortunately not. Tried everything but not working, works fine online when paying for something bit not in person. Anyone know the best way now to get in contact with support?

The in-app chat works well for contacting the support team.

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I thought it used to be there but I can’t find it anymore. Am I just being stupid?

If you can’t find it, just email us

I know this might sound like a stupid question, but if you have upgraded from prepaid - are you using the new Debit card?

Haven’t upgraded, only just got a different bank account somewhere else sadly!

I believe they moved the button to cut down on tickets, on Android you need to go to Help, the scroll right to the bottom where there’s a button called “I still need help” click that and it should start the chat process.

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