Recruitment Freeze 🥶

Does anyone know when the Hiring Freeze is going to be lifted at Monzo?

I applied for a complaints handler role 3 months ago and still don’t know if I have made it through the application stage?

With staff on furlough, it’s going to be months I would expect.

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Nothing has been mentioned on here. In fact very little does around recruitment.

I’d keep an eye on socials and the careers page. If you’ve already been dealing with someone as part of your application that would be the best place keep updated. Just bear in mind that those staff may be currently furloughed so you may get a delayed response.

Monzo have always had a very good reputation within the industry for keeping in touch with all their candidates. The fact that you’ve not heard anything for three months suggests to me that your application hasn’t been picked up by anybody for some reason (I imagine this is likely due to the employees being on furlough).

I think your best course of action is to assume you have not been successful with this application and move on to other positions. I completely understand how frustrating it is not to hear anything (and I would normally find this pretty much indefensible) but I think we have to be a little more understanding in present circumstances.

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There was a comment on here weeks ago stating that they had been offered a job by Monzo but no start date had been given. Best check on the recruitment page.

I suspect we are likely to see redundancies from Monzo in future rather than a lot of recruitment.

Seems I was correct

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