Missed telephone interviews [Hiring]

My friend applied for :mondo: and nobody at :mondo: called (after scheduling a call for 3-4 times). Is :mondo: busy or is :mondo: not interested?

Obviously no one in this community knows the background here so I’m not sure why you’ve created this post.

Do you think this is going to help their application though? I doubt it somehow.


I am aware that no one on the community actually knows a lot about hiring, but I thought it fitted under the blog post about Diversity and Inclusion as hiring was mentioned in the blog post and I thought what happened to my friend wasn’t really ideal.


I just saw this and am digging into what happened. But suffice to say, this shouldn’t have happened, we’re really sorry and we’ll do our best to make it right. Unfortunately, things are extremely busy and sometimes we make mistakes — that’s not an excuse, but just to give you some context.

We’ll follow up on this thread, although there’s a limited amount we can say about other people’s applications :slight_smile:


Could you ask your friend to email me so I can get this sorted for them? I’m maria@monzo.com.

It’s definitely a case of busy rather than not interested - at every stage in the application process we let applicants know the outcome. I’ll get this resolved as quickly as possible :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the reply. Will let her know.

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