Has hiring been put on hold?

Hi everyone! :wave:

I recently applied for a job with Monzo (at the end of February) and I’m super excited about the idea of working for the bank.

I got a follow-up email from no-reply address confirming my application was received that said I’d hear back “typically within three weeks”. Then obviously the whole country went into lockdown :lock:

I’d imagine hiring right now isn’t particularly high on Monzo’s priority list what with everyone who is usually office-based now working remotely, but I haven’t heard back yet and wanted to find out if there was a way to follow up that doesn’t make me look pushy.

Any advice anyone can provide would be really appreciated! :pleading_face:

I’m aware that someone else has created a thread about roles no longer being advertised and I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to bump old threads so I’ve posted this as a separate topic.

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Hi and welcome,

As no one official has replied in the other thread I’ll tag them @simonb @AlanDoe and hopefully they can shed some light.

But I can imagine it will depend on what job you are applying for and the hiring process for that particular job.


Hey! There’s a couple of different email addresses for hiring, depending which role you went for! If you feel comfortable mentioning which role it was, I can let you know the best email address to follow up. Feel free to send a private message if you’d rather not say the role publically though :hot_coral_heart:


Hey Ellie, I have had a similar problem It was the financial crime specialist and senior financial crime specialist I was applying for. Are you able to give me a contact for them?


Hey :wave: Probably best to drop an email over to core-hiring@monzo.com in this case :hot_coral_heart:


Thank you for that I’ll get an email sent.

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