Not heard anything back! :( (RE: Job Application)

Hello all,

I was wondering if someone could answer my question please :smiley: i applied to Monzo, 4 weeks ago, because I love Monzo, all they have done and would like to work with them. Got the automatic email saying someone else would be In contact in 3 weeks. I haven’t heard a peep and it’s been over 3 weeks :(:slightly_frowning_face: I know it’s been over Christmas and New year’s, that I can understand. But does anyone have just a idea of how much longer, before I will know for sure what’s happening?

Many thanks,
Sophie :slight_smile:

The hiring team were taking a few weeks off last I heard. I imagine you’ll hear in the next couple of weeks. Good luck :grin:

I got this email this morning from @JacqB which may be relevant to your situation.

Hi Alex!

I can confirm that your application is still open :blush: At the moment we are looking to hold an assessment in mid to late March as opposed to in January as I had previously said.

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Thank you, for the information! :slight_smile: I have no idea that they were taking time off, that I image the deserve and thank you Rat_au_van :smiley: I really am excited about the possibilities of joining Monzo!

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That’s extremely helpful, thank you alexmh :smile: though I haven’t had that email through, as of yet but still I know roughly when the ball gets rolling what’s happening :+1:

I followed up with her following my initial email confirming receipt of my application so it was a personal reply :slight_smile:

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Hey @SophieCatton - was it a Customer Operations role that you applied for?

If so, as the email sent to @alexmh says, we’ve frozen hiring for a couple of months simply because we have so many new starters joining us in the next month or so. Your application will still be in the pipeline, but the next assessment day won’t be until March now.

Feel free to let me me know if you have any more questions :grinning:I’ve made a slight adjustment to the thread title to make it clear that this thread is regarding a job application, as before I clicked on it I was worried that it was a customer support chat that you hadn’t heard back on!


Thank you :+1: all I needed was a bit of information, as I didn’t know this. :grinning:


Sorry - and thank you for following up. COps Hiring had a very stressful couple of months, so I think it’s just that they completely zoned out for their Xmas break! Things are back on track now :grinning:

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That’s understandable and I hope they have had a good Christmas break :grinning: Monzo is a amazing and is a bank that will go far, so I know why so many are applying! :+1:

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Hey Simon :wave:

I had an interview with you back in November and was keen to try again since I wasn’t successful. I was told to wait 6-12 months before applying again.

If you have any postings in March 2019 or April would the application be considered or is that too soon?


Hi Scott - April should be fine, but the 6-12 months thing is more of a personal guideline rather than a strict rule.

If you’ve had feedback, or if you’ve identified and worked on your own thoughts and reasons as to why your last application wasn’t successful and can demonstrate them, then by all means apply again in April!

Decisions are often very difficult for us who have worked within hiring as well as for the candidate, so the last thing anyone would want is for a repeat of the exact same interview, if that makes sense. Without having looked at your file personally, it’s hard for me to say, so these are just general guidelines :grinning:

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Thanks Simon :grin:, I can definitely understand how hard it is for the hiring team to choose between candidates, especially with the high standard of the applicants coming through the doors.

Hopefully I’ll be able to show that I’ll be an asset if I get the chance to come in next time.

Thanks for replying :grin:.

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Hello, I was wondering if someone knew how long Monzo takes to respond after a face 2 face interview. I interviewed last week in London on Friday and haven’t heard back?. Im assuming it’s a no but it would be nice to have some acknowledgement of it?. I felt the interview went very well so I am surprised to not hear anything at all? Thanks

I’m not part of the hiring team, but regardless of the outcome of the interview you should hear back from our team soon!

Do you know the normal time frame to hear back in?. I have 1 other offer I have been given and haven’t got back to them as I’m waiting on Monzo ?

It could be worth sending an email to who might be able to give you a timeframe

Good luck with the application.