Reconciling holiday payments in travel reports

(Neef) #1

So I bought some plane tickets for an upcoming weekend away today (woo!). The transaction was automatically categorised in holidays, which is great, but I feel there should be a way to assign this payment to the holiday, so it can contribute to the overall cost displayed in the Travel Report.

Ideally I’d like to, when my holiday is over, view the total cost, which includes the plane tickets as well as the accommodation (which I still need to book on AirBnB!). These payments are usually made outside of the timeframe of my travel so wouldn’t appear in the report, unless I’m wrong.

Perhaps a way to, once a transaction is categorised as Holiday, assign it to a specific holiday?

I guess the two question here are:

  1. Do other people want to include the flights etc. In the overall travel report expenditure that you are given when you get back home? I guess this boils down to “I want to know how much this trip cost me” vs “I want to know how much I spent whilst on the trip”

  2. Is manually assigning a transaction (that potentially happened aged ago!) to a travel report too much hassle? (I suspect so). I was thinking of a way to automate this, but that would be technically very difficult/impossible? Maybe once the holiday is started (I.e. I’ve touched down at the destination) I get prompted to assign the most recent airline/train transaction to it?

This also leads me to a follow up question that is slightly related, which is if I have a connection, is it added to the same travel report? Say, I’m traveling to Peru, but stopping in a Madrid for a few hours and I buy some food or souvenirs there, is that counted in my “Peru travel report”, or would I get two travel reports? And can I perform merges if so?

Sorry if these are issues that have been addressed, unfortunately I haven’t been away since getting my card :see_no_evil:

(Russell Macdonald) #2

How about integration with TripIt (for travel) or Concur (for business expenses) to associate a number of transactions with a trip or expense claim?

Uber integrates with Concur to provide e-receipts. Concur allows automatic import of Corporate American Express card transactions so you can automatically create expense claim entries from your card transactions.