Grouping notes on payments for special events/days

It would be nice to add notes to a day so I can quickly see what happened that day and why my spending might be different then normal.

For example:

One day I go to comic con and spend money on stands, snacks and withdraw cash more than normal. If the day has a note next to it describing what happened that day it’s easier at a quick glance to see why instead of adding notes to all payments on that day.


I’m wondering if it’d be relatively easy to create a new category - call it events as a working title and after manually categorising one transaction as an event, all succeeding transactions are automatically categorised the same until the following day or you disable it?

By doing it this way, you can open it to “Event Reports”, which are very similar to Travel Reports.


I had originally wanted an idea like this too. For me I wanted to be able to total up how much I spent on a particular holiday.

At the moment I am using the notes. In android it is found under attachments, which I don’t find super intuitive but compartmentalised it nicely. You could stick comic con in there.

An alternative would be something like labels. JIRA uses these and provides a nice way of grouping rather than by categories. But this doesn’t seem to exist yet. This would allow :mondo: to continue to use the defined categories but users to tag as they want. A nice thing about labels are that labels could be suggested. Saving typing and miscategorisation.

So for now I would use notes, it appears nicely under your transaction.


Just to mention, since Monzo is aiming for feature parity between the iOS & Android apps, it’s safe to assume travel reports will be available for Android users soon (although they’re not on the roadmap at the moment) -

I’d recommend using emoji for this reason, although I appreciate that, that might not always be suitable.


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I love the idea of an Events Report to go alongside the Travel Reports! I’ve added it to our “badass ideas” board :tada:


I think a lot of people would be interested to see what else is on that board :wink:


Extending the idea of “Travel Reports” to group payments together seems like the right approach here.

A trip might be 2 weeks in India, a weekend trip to Brighton, or a daytrip to Comic Con.

Great suggestions, thanks :slight_smile:


Could it also be possible to have multiple sets of grouped payments inside a travel report? It’s quite common to attend or take part in an event one day on holiday then a different event the next.

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Is it possible to enable the travel mode that categorises all payments as either travel or expenses, without first seeing the notification when arriving abroad? It would be really useful to have this feature for trips at home!


I’d quite like this too! Staycations are the in thing right now, especially with this glorious weather!

Not ideal but at the moment you can #tag all your spending on holiday, also this way you’ll see in the spending totals the train tickets and hotels etc that wouldn’t show in a regular travel report as you booked online before u went .

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Hey, I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the discussion in one place, I hope that’s alright!

The original idea was a little bit different but Tom (Monzo’s CEO) had almost exactly the same thought as you :smiley: maybe they’ll build this one day :crossed_fingers: