A way to differentiate holiday spends from normal

How does everyone else differentiate between normal spends and say holiday spends ?

Do you use the *notes" feature ?

I was thinking maybe something could be done so we could differentiate between the 2 spends I mention but why not use the notes feature do maybe a non starter.

I would use the tag feature for this :slight_smile:

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We have been using Categories. Every transaction we made during our recent holiday, we’ve categorised as Holiday and we love using the notes to give a short description of what each transaction was for, ie. National Park tickets, toll road from one place to another place - especially if a foreign language country as this reminds us exactly what it was for.
These are all then populated together under our holiday spend on our summary which works for us. :slightly_smiling_face:


The only thing I do is to tag the currency on ATM transactions, but then i don’t use Monzo for spending, cos i prefer credit.

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Surely this is exactly what the Holiday category is for!

If you go abroad, Monzo should ask you if you want to categorise all the spending you do while away as Holiday automatically too. Otherwise you could do manually.


I just use the built in holiday category. Although it would be good to have a toggle similar to “exclude from summary”
That way you’re tagging the transaction for what it is + stating it’s not usual spending.

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Yes possibly, I just haven’t really looked into it.

I think a toggle for the Holidays category would be the best way of doing this:

Though it annoyingly muddles holidays if one comes within the same month as another.