How do you use the Holiday category?

I recently went to Prague on holiday for a few days. I loved the welcome notification when I arrived with the exchange rate. I pretty much exclusively used my Monzo card whilst there, too.

I was just wondering how others use the Holiday category. Do you just mark flights, hotels, car rentals under Holiday or do you mark everything you used your card for when there as holiday? Eating out, buying drinks, duty free, etc?

I realised it massively threw out my Eating Out and Shopping spending history and that when I arrived I kinda wanted to mark it all as Holiday - but that was too time consuming.

In the future will Monzo perhaps be able to ‘bundle’ all transactions made abroad in a trip and offer to group this under ‘Holiday’ but then have subcategories of the existing categories within that bundle?

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A mass edit option in the search function would be ideal based off this

For sure. Even better if when you returned from abroad it would do it automagically. The report notification is cool but it’s only temporary(?) and it would be nice to have a mini breakdown that was permanent.

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There is an option when you get your “welcome” notification to set all spending in that country as “holiday” or “expenses” already. image


Holiday category is very problematic. Monzo knows about this and is working on a fix.

For me, the Holiday category should be replaced by Travel (flights, car rentals, etc), in combination with a toggle to mark any expense as Holiday, regardless of its category (see above link at 9:30).

The Welome notification is helpful but it’s not triggered for holidays whithin the UK as far as I know.

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Oh no way!

I include everything from the start of travel to the airport and to the cost of return back home under “Holidays”.

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I just use it for the flight costs (and hotel costs if not staying with family or friends) and things like entertainment (taking kids to a fun fair) but I categorise purchasing groceries or eating out just as I would normally do.

This makes most sense, as you’d have to eat something even if you weren’t on a holiday. I just usually update my spending targets accordingly if I know that because I’m on a holiday I’ll spend more dining out.

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