Recommending the app to someone

So far, we can recommend Mondo to friends in order to jump in the queue. Great. But once we actually get the card, we can only tell our friends to download the app and that’s it.
I have a couple of friends interested in the app but they’re all patiently waiting in the (very) large queue.

Since the app allows to send money to friends and etc, maybe creating a way for people with the app to invite others and let them jump the queue a couple of places would be a neat feature.


I agree. Would be great if people who are actively using their cards could get one or two passes/queue jumps to give to partners, family or friends.


Definitely! It’s on our roadmap over the coming months to allow you to give people a ‘golden ticket’ :slight_smile:


would mine the gold ticket option max 5 a mouth:)

I’d love this: I signed up originally on the 22nd of September 2015 (before the alpha) but I didn’t complete the sign up as I didn’t have an iOS device to hand. I then became a CrowdCube investor and have hijacked my wife’s iPad: but now she wants her own account and I’ve technically got a “spare invite” for myself - shame I can’t invite her :frowning: