When I use my mondo card I keep getting friends and family asking about it.

Unfortunately when I mention that they could sign up but there’s a 40,000 people queue, they go off the idea.

Would it be possible for people who already have a Mondo card to be given something like 5 instant invites for friends and family? Similar to how it worked when gmail lauched?

Thanks for the great app and card!


This is a great idea, I too have people interested but put off by the queue.

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I’m the same. An instant invite would be a great idea. It’s a reward of sorts for current customers and excellent pr :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Hopefully this will be available soon.


I think what we have to remember is this is still a Beta phase of Mondos development to become a fully licensed bank - however professional the organisation seems at the moment, which is evident for most to see through their usage of the card - inviting exponential users without having the infrastructure in place to cope with that surge will leave everybody disappointed. However frustrating it is for friends or family we should give Mondo the chance to develop their systems , sort the bugs out and increase their workforce to cope with the extra demand and to allow this fledgling business to go at their own obviously rapid speed.

I do however like the idea of inviting friends and family to be fast tracked as one of the next stages of development