Recognise supermarket fuel stations

(Sean) #21

There were some posts on this topic in Theme parks and the likes - Best approach? if anyone could move the posts over here

(Reuben Geary) #22

Can we find out if this will be developed or not?

It almost defeats the point of having a transport catagory in the summary if one of the main spends (fuel) isnt recognised.

(Joe) #23

+1 for having it done automatically, however it’s not super difficult to go in after you’ve done the spending, or at the end of the month/week and manually change the categories for certain spends. This is how I do it at the moment.

(Daniel White) #24

This and Joint Account Pots are the only thing stopping me from switching over fully to Monzo from Starling

(Michael) #25

Have we made any progress on this? It’s annoying that normal Tesco payments now get categorised as Transport :frowning:

(Alex Lord) #26

Super informative reply thanks @Rika

Would machine learning help? If customers constantly reclassify spend from certain merchant codes they’d kind of crowd solve your problem?

Appreciate this could be a longer solution from an engineering perspective of course so doesn’t maybe solve your main problem of what you do next…

(Jack) #27

Couldnt this be fixed my adding a button within the payment info, where you change the category to change all future transactions from sainsburys for example or just that one, then the user sets it as the one they use most and changes the less frequent manually
Untill a more permanant fix can be implemented