Recognise supermarket fuel stations

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Can we find out if this will be developed or not?

It almost defeats the point of having a transport catagory in the summary if one of the main spends (fuel) isnt recognised.

+1 for having it done automatically, however it’s not super difficult to go in after you’ve done the spending, or at the end of the month/week and manually change the categories for certain spends. This is how I do it at the moment.

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This and Joint Account Pots are the only thing stopping me from switching over fully to Monzo from Starling


Have we made any progress on this? It’s annoying that normal Tesco payments now get categorised as Transport :frowning:

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Super informative reply thanks @Rika

Would machine learning help? If customers constantly reclassify spend from certain merchant codes they’d kind of crowd solve your problem?

Appreciate this could be a longer solution from an engineering perspective of course so doesn’t maybe solve your main problem of what you do next…

Couldnt this be fixed my adding a button within the payment info, where you change the category to change all future transactions from sainsburys for example or just that one, then the user sets it as the one they use most and changes the less frequent manually
Untill a more permanant fix can be implemented

Coming from using Starling which works as expected, the constant switching of category for :green_apple: and :fuelpump: in Monzo is super annoying.

I almost made a thread under bugs before finding this thread as I just assumed it should be properly categorising the transactions and something must be broken. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Monzo has the Spending budget which gives it the edge for my use, if Starling brings out in app budgeting I might be back to using them instead (at least until fixed).

Hi @Rika :wave: any update on the progress of this if its being working on atm, any est delivery date?


I have a fun problem where I have to re-tag transactions as I sometimes use the Morrison’s petrol station kiosk to buy stuff I’m short of (bread, etc) on Sunday evenings as the main shop is closed but the petrol station doesn’t charge convenience store inflated prices (“Express Pricing” as it’s known). So sometimes I get petrol, sometimes I don’t. No easy way to do this unless the itemised receipt data is sent with the transaction lolll

@theshillito Well we already have Flux with the itemised food receipt data on Starling (and soon on Monzo), I’m really hoping the supermarkets get onboard with digital receipts and it shouldn’t matter getting groceries at fuel stations as it’ll see the bread and know. The same with buying clothes/toys at supermarkets under Shopping not food etc :crossed_fingers:

With receipt data being sent it shouldn’t be that crazy to expect multi-categories.

Petrol £30 => Transport
Pizza £5 => Groceries
Milk £1 => Groceries

Transport £30
Groceries £6


Just noticed this morning that my Tesco pay at pump transaction was auto categorised as Transport and my Tesco main store shop as Groceries. @Rika please say this issue has now been sorted? :pray:


I’m not aware of any fix but I’ve been away for just over the last two weeks and have spent this week joining a new team and burying my head in manuals. :sweat_smile:


This has been partially fixed if you use pay at pump rather than manned kiosk then your fuel will be correctly categorised:


I also would like to +1 this. Budgeting is useless if I can’t seperate my groceries budget from my fuel budget which I need to be a able to ensure I’ve got enough funds to commute to work.

It wouldn’t be so bad if you could assign a transaction to another category without it becoming a rule. Simple to add a checkbox that says “Make category rule”. Leaving unchecked would just assign this single transaction to the selected category and not future ones.


Just in case you’re not aware, you can change the category manually so it won’t throw your budgeting out :thinking:

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This issue has been fixed if you use pay at pump. You can also manually change a payment category.

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The tagging of merchant codes by companies has long been an issue. I used to work in the public sector and we had Travel credit cards for some employees and opened up the merchant codes related to travel. However, very often they would go to a supermarket filling station and it be marked as groceries, which wasnt allowed, so the merchant code for supermarkets would have to be opened.

However, it would be nice to be able to have someway of tagging for that one transaction only and not for all transactions

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Is this not something you could do with location detection? If lots of people at the same location categorised it as fuel…? But then again you could rock up and just buy milk 🤷