Morrisons supermarket and Morrisons Petrol category

(Richard) #1

I can’t remember this happening before but at least recently the categories for Morrisons supermarket and Morrisons Petrol seems to get mixed up e.g if I last shopped at Morrisons Petrol and I set the category to transport when I next shop at Morrisons supermarket the category comes up as transport too and vice versa.

Is there a way this can’t be separated? The full name of the merchant at least mentions one is petrol.

Supermarket Fuel vs Store Transactions
Morrisons Petrol vs. Morrisons Grocery

What do you see on the transaction detail page at the very bottom? If both come up as “Morrissons” I don’t think Monzo has any data to be able to tell the difference.

(Richard) #3

Thanks for the reply. The full merchant name does mention petrol for the petrol station i.e. ‘WM Morrisons Petrol’ so they should be able to tell the difference.

(Allie) #4

Even if the merchant name is the same, the MCC will (should) be different. AFDs are their own MCC.

(Dan) #5

I also have this with Tesco and Asda… as well as Morrisons

Pay at Pump and Supermarket shopping even though are different in the actual transaction data eg Pay at Pump says Pay at Pump 2213 or whatever…

But yes I do have this problem too :slight_smile: Happy for Monzo to look at my data and work out why… but I just change it manually at the moment :slight_smile:

(Dan) #6

Fuel transaction

Store transaction in same store…

(Daniel White) #7

This has been brought up fairly recently but we haven’t been updated since:

It’s certainly possible because it’s pretty obvious in the Merchant Data and other banks are able to do it.

(Simon) #8

This has been annoying me slightly for several months now. From a user perspective it looks like an easy fix since the data is there but I’m sure Monzo are aware of it and they haven’t fixed it yet for some reason. Would be interesting to get some background on the difficulties…


Agree with @GalaxyMergirl that Monzo should refer to the distinctive MCC over and above what is stated in text in the merchant name. All automated fuel dispensers SHOULD have a different MCC so if they do not that is wrong and needs feeding back to MasterCard so action can be taken to rectify the problem


Random question, but what’s the MCC? I’m guessing it’s some sort of merchant identifier?

I always see them on card receipts, but don’t actually know what the acronyms mean…

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #11

I queried this last week for two seperate Sainsburys petrol / groceries transactions in the same location - C.ops have now been able to separate the transactions for me from a Sainsburys PFS 0085 code for fuel and a Sainsburys 0605 store code now coming up as groceries - hopefully this will now be recognised in any subsequent transactions at this Sainsburys ???

We've Added Some New Categories

Just curious, how did you change the colour of the chat? :slight_smile:


I’ve got that colour as well… they either changed it in a recent update, or it’s for the beta version.


Just checked and I’ve got it in the App Store version as well so not just a beta thing. Kinda disappointed by it, I would’ve loved to be able to change it manually but still want the “Monzo blue” to be the default as it fit perfectly within the rest of the app.

(Allie) #15

Merchant Category Code

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin!


Ah, so it just identifies what the merchant does. I guess that’s how credit card companies categorise a cash advance transaction at gambling companies then?


(Allie) #17

Kinda, cash advances are a different code also.