Morrisons Petrol vs. Morrisons Grocery

(Stephen) #1

Anyone notice that if you pay at the pump at Morrisons it comes through just as ‘Morrisons’ in your feed and the category is classed as ‘Groceries’?

To be classed as petrol, you have to go into the booth and pay there for it to appear as ‘Morrisons Petrol Station’ and to be put in the ‘Transport’ category.

(Dave) #2

Yes, I see the same thing. I didn’t realise it appears differently if you pay in the booth though.

(Gareth) #3

It is a mixed one and I’d love to see this improved eventually.

(Stephen) #4

Oops… Sorry for duplicating!

(Gareth) #5

As you can see, you’re not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:
Last I spoke to support, all they could do is leave feedback with the product/dev team.


It should not do this as the MasterCard merchant code for an AFD transaction is different to purchasing groceries!

(Daniel White) #7

I believe that it has been mentioned by Monzo in previous thread(s) that this would be really difficult to do, but Starling do it so it can’t be that hard (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), they’re also able to distinguish the transactions between Groceries and Transport.

It seems it would be pretty trivial to me seeing as the Merchant Data appears to be:

I would have thought with Monzo’s direct connection into Mastercard would mean they would be in a better position than other FinTechs. But maybe I’m missing something?


They just need to look for the 3 digit code on the MasterCard transaction data. The code for automated fuel dispensers is different to that for grocery purchases!

(Daniel White) #9

Indeed, as far as I’m aware though, Starling is able to distinguish Kiosk payments also.

(Jai Sullivan) #10

Why is this still an issue if it’s simple to solve using the MasterCard merchant data? :face_with_monocle: Little bit frustrating, especially if Starling have it nailed.

(Daniel White) #11

It might seem a little thing but it’s something that could do with fixing especially as we go forward to the Joint Account.

I currently have a Santander Joint Account and even with that I can easily scroll through and see which payments are Fuel and which are Groceries:

When I go to the Monzo Joint Account I’m going to have to click on each one to work out what it is from the Merchant Data and then manually change the category, until which point my Summary tab (assuming the Joint Account will have one) is going to be completely wrong, throwing out any attempt at budgeting.

(Ashley) #12

I also have this problem with my main TSB account so we’re not alone, when I fill up at the shell garage near me it comes up as a completely different name and throws my categories out of place :frowning:. At least with monzo you can change it which is great! I’m not sure if it’s down to Monzo or the card machine system?

A little off topic but like to share experiences - I know somebody who flies all over the world selling petrol pump contracts, he knows about oil refinery to a very high level. As a car kinda guy I only ever use Shell V-Power in my S3 and since talking to him I was right to do so, he advised to avoid all supermarket fuels whenever possible as the quality is that poor, regardless of RON value, it’s about the additional minerals being added that is important for your motor, diesels especially!

(Change Works) #13

This concurs with my experience. I used to have a car which would rattle when filled with supermarket fuel, but was fine with any other.

(Daniel White) #14

In contrast I use Supermarket Fuel 95% of the time and have never had any issues with any of the cars I’ve owned/driven and definitely never used ‘Premium’ fuels like Super+ Unleaded, etc


I agree. I have a car that is responsive with premium BP and Shell fuel but has lag with supermarket fuel despite the RON value.

Yet our other car (a Toyota) runs on pretty much any RON from BP, Shell or supermarket OK.

(Daniel White) #16

A further example, I’ve finally settled on Monzo being the place I want to be after running the 2 in tandem for about a year (Monzo first, then added Starling). Anyway, I’ve got a few Goals setup (cough Custom Images cough) and in particular I have one for Fuel:

At the moment, I move this across manually but obviously I want to take advantage of the IFTTT integrations that are available to me. Unfortunately however, because I pretty much fill-up exclusively at Supermarket Filling Stations I’m basically not going to be able to take advantage of it at all :frowning:. It’s literally only when I allow myself to be so short of fuel that I have to get ripped off at the local Shell garage.