Categorising Petrol Correctly

I normally get my petrol from either Asda or Tesco petrol stations and it’s really messing up my spending categories, if I change it to transport I’ll find a lot of food shopping will go into transport or the other way around.

I know you can change them after you’ve purchased but it really takes away from the ease of it all.

Do you have the same issue?


I do yes, it’s something that’s been brought up numerous times, hopefully it’s on their cards to sort :pray:

It may be best to continue the discussion there to keep it all in one place :slight_smile:

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I must pay attention next time I fill up at Tesco’s… It’s the delayed transaction that grinds my gears when buying fuel…

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I’ve started to pay inside for it rather than at the pump, because then you don’t get a delayed amount, sadly this isn’t something Monzo can fix, it’s all down to when Tesco ask for the money :frowning: