Recent payees list for current accounts

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I’m glad we’re on the same page then :slight_smile:

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Yes we do. I just don’t understand why you seem so keen to jump to negative conclusions when I’m sure you know that there’s reasons why they might not have responded yet.


I’m not jumping to any conclusions? All I’ve said is that if there had been a response it would have sorted out the thread? Nothing negative about that? I know they might need to wait for specific team members or want to have a team meeting etc

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Evidently you can’t understand my point. The silence is telling, however they could come out and say we are waiting for x team member etc as they have done in the past. I do understand there are reasons why they may or may not be doing something.

An opinion isn’t jumping to a conclusion, as usual anyone who is slightly annoyed with or slightly critical of Monzo is getting jumped on by you

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:roll_eyes: that’s a very lazy way to try to win an argument Chris & it doesn’t help you convince anyone about what you’re saying.


The only person attempting to win an argument is you by the looks of it. I am simply stating my opinion which you weren’t able to read, disagree with and then move on. We had a polite discussion and I agreed their were reasons why they may not have replied yet and it simply stated it could have been sorted out by a simply reply to this thread from Monzo at some point but you wouldn’t leave it at that.

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Apparently you have an alternative definition of ‘opinion’ or ‘conclusion’, which makes this discussion pretty pointless. Lets move on :slight_smile:

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Hey all,

Sorry for the confusion here, and any sense of deception. When putting together ‘The Big List’, not everyone was aware that this functionality currently existed (we didn’t really announce it as widely as other changes).

When it came to payees and making payments, the main thing we wanted to solve within the 12 weeks, was making sure that people didn’t have to keep re-typing references when they make payments, and that unwanted payees could be removed.

We feel that this solution solves that problem well enough for now (enough to tick that point off from the list), but it doesn’t mean we think that payee management is a solved problem.

The squad that I’m working on currently has a few additions we’d like to make that are on our backlog, we just need to balance them up with everything else on our list.

The main things we see that are worth adding are:

  • Being able to create a payee without immediately paying them
  • Being able to Set nicknames and optional default references for payees
  • Being able to group multiple payees under a single contact (similar to a phone contact list)

The idea behind The Big List wasn’t to completely solve all of these problems within 12 weeks, but to make some improvement in the areas we heard were preventing people form using Monzo as their main account.

There’s a still a lot more to do, but I hope it feels like what has changed in the last 10 weeks still feels like an overall improvement.

Thanks again!


We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)

Woo - Great news @Jami.

Are you looking at adding custom pictures for the payees?

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Thanks for the clarification @Jami

It’s important that this has been clarified, I’m sure we will all look for further improvements :slight_smile:

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@Jami thank you for responding in detail. Very useful. I know there is always a balancing act, but it would have been helpful if this level of detail was available more widely (like on the trello roadmap or in a big list of next improvements). :+1:

I read somewhere that there was a plan to add bank logos for sortcodes at some point - possible on one of the Q&As or Monzo time. Maybe not exactly what you’re asking for, but a step in the right direction to beautify our feeds :wink:


Are you guys planning on adding this functionality to P2P payments too at some point?


Bank sort code logos are there on iOS, but not Android :frowning_face:


It would be a really good check if the bank name and logo appeared once the sortcode is typed out when sending a bank transfer too.


I meant custom avatars for the payees (not sure that sounded right though? lol)

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It’s been on iOS for a while now. Not sure what’s the plan for Android :confused:

(Chris Rimell) #160

I know what you meant :wink:

I don’t particularly want to use them personally even if we were able to.

Defo +1 from me, other banks do validate the sort-code and tell you the bank name, and I’d imagine that’s relatively straightforward to implement

Boo!! :frowning: Fingers crossed it makes the jump soon


But as I have said above, and I feel like a broken record, this functionality already existed in the app way before the big list was released. How can any member of staff put that on the big list?

If all you guys needed was to keep references saved, and you didn’t advertise it, why not just put a blog post out before the big list or even after but as one of the first things you did and tick it off?

I just feel let down. I knew that this functionality was already there so the improvements to that was where I was looking forward to seeing.


Thanks for the update any plans to add pictures for the logos of paying people.