Recent payees list for current accounts


The thing that has annoyed me is that Monzo stated they could tick it off because references are now saved, but that has been in the app since Jan 30th - way before the big list was even published!

(Chris Rimell) #124

From memory, they were quickly ticked off the list though, so why not this one? It’s misleading

But as I pointed out on my tweet, if you’re paying a credit card off you will always need the reference because of the way CC bills are setup. I’ve already had a returned payment because of forgetting to click on the reference stored in the payee - that’s not the monzo experience. The improvement that was hinted at was that there was a solution to that sort of problem (in a thread somewhere).

(MikeF) #125

Mistakes happen I guess. :man_shrugging:


I can’t wait til the big list is finished so we can get some beefy new features and improvements :grinning: (including Better Payee Management v2.0) :wink:

(Jack) #127

I’m all for MVP :raised_hands:t3: but sometimes Monzo’s version of MVP is slightly too minimal :sweat_smile: :

  • Summary released a little too soon? Could have done with an extra week or so in labs so it actually matched the feature set of what it was replacing (targets).
  • Custom pay periods? Well kinda if you’re on a strict pay day each month. Not really that custom?
  • Payee Management? Although I forgot what was on the list big completely I somehow was expecting more choice in terms of how often payments can be repeated.

(Chris Rimell) #128

Just as a thought … why is this on the Trello roadmap if it was intended to be the functionality that was released in Jan. It was only moved to near term (6 months) in May, it would not be on the list if it had been completed.

No, I’m afraid they’re not being quite honest or transparent on this one. It feels like they planned something bigger as part of the big list and it’s been ditched and will come at a later point.

(Jolin) #129

I don’t think payee management meets even that low bar yet, which is why it seems like double-speak to tick it off the list. Legacy banks let you:

  • Add a description to a payee to easily differentiate between two or more accounts for the same person

  • Add a payee without making a payment to them

If these had been added, I would feel it was ok to tick this item off even though clearly a lot more needs to be done to meet the level of what we would expect (and to even compare with what Dtarling offer in this area).

As it is, it feels like they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. It’s not even up to basic legacy bank standard, but they’re saying, “oh, silly us, this was completed all the time we just forgot to make the :white_check_mark: mark.”

(MikeF) #130

I’d guess it’s on the roadmap because it needs doing? I assume it’s not marked as Done though?

Wow, mine doesn’t.

(Jack) #131

Transparency is great until this situation arrives :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want it to stop in heartbeat though :hot_coral_heart::mondo:


So no official Monzo response? Why I feel that this Big List has been a bit of disappointment and an unnecessary burden on developers with deadlines.
Why not let development go on as before and bring features to App which are built properly and are not just tick in the box.
Monzo should be better than this tick box exercise. They didn’t do Custom Pay period in Summary properly now this and also the saga of Andriod App = iOS App.


This is the real issue here, the thread could have been sorted out yesterday had their been a response form Monzo. The silence is very telling here

(Alex Sherwood) #134

It really isn’t, most of the complaints here didn’t start until the team had gone home.


Yeap, I know. All I am saying is if there had been a response as to why it had been ticked off this list, the thread would be sorted.

(Alex Sherwood) #136

A response to concerns that hadn’t been raised until the team had finished work..


We know there are staff members on here after 5pm and also this morning. You know what I’m getting at, i’m not suggesting there should have been a response at 2am, stop being pedantic.


Are you saying Monzo team has never responded to anything after working hours… :smiley:

(Jack) #139

its only an hour or two into most peoples working day…

(Jack) #140

Of course they do but if they want to discuss things as a team they can’t always do that out of hours.

(Alex Sherwood) #141

Not every issue no, obviously you need the right person to explain certain things. This isn’t rocket science.


You deleted the last bit of your reply but I agree with that bit ‘This really isn’t rocket science’