Recent payees list for current accounts



(Alex Sherwood) #164

If you read Ben’s post again, you’ll see that he’s acknowledged that already.


I trust you have read it twice so I will go with your assurance. Cheers :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

(Paul) #166

I meant custom avatars for the payees (not sure that sounded right though? lol)

I’d like this too. One Australian friend of mine thinks it’s funny to have his butt-cheeks as his Monzo avatar. So everytime I go to Payments I get greeted by him mooning at me.

I’d dearly like to be able to hide it, or set it to something else.

(Benjamin Doherty) #167

Bang on the money.

(Harry Morton) #168

Will you still have shortcuts to “My Accounts”? I think that feature would be missed. Also, having the ability to favourite payee’s so they appear at the top would be good.

(Ryan Varley) #169

This is a really handy feature, it removes a level of anxiety about sending money to the wrong account.

(Darren Seymour) #170

This would be very useful.

(Jeremy) #171

Clearly custom pay periods are not done, as its not customisable in any way other than to payments received. Why cant we simply revert it back to the first of the month instead of to the date of income!?