Recent payees list for current accounts

(Tom Chambers) #41

I would like to see payment options grouped by person - there may be several bank accounts plus monzo for a person for different payments. Make them all under the same header.

Biggest issue with payments is trying to get the number right. Ideally each payee would be linked with a database somehow so I could search by name or other identifier (email) in order to find the right account. Far easier to mistype a number than the wrong email/photo/phone number etc.

And I shouldn’t have to ask someone for their details to pay them. I should just be able to find them. It’s an extra redundant step.

(Jolin) #42

I don’t think this kind of lookup is possible due to privacy issues. Monzo can’t verify what account number goes with what name, only the receiving bank can. Otherwise it would be trivial for someone to enter loads of random numbers (or email addresses) to harvest name+account number combinations.

(Tom Chambers) #43

Yeah that’s true. It’s not an easy thing to do, not least because it involves integration with the existing banking system.

Accounts could be associated by sending a payment with a specific amount like PayPal or Google do to associate accounts.

Does need to be sorted somehow though - seems like a huge amount of fraud happens at the moment largely because of crap infrastructure that makes it easy to not know what you’re doing.

Actual identity of the payee being the biggest issue. Then more convenience actions like requesting money. Even stuff like requesting a regular payment.

(Sam) #44

I was so excited to receive my Monzo Current Account and it came yesterday, I was really looking forward to having it as my main bank account.

I currently bank with Nationwide and everytime I want to set up a new payee I have to get out a card reader which is a pain especially if you are out.

I sent my first payment to my mate and it was so easy! But then I saw that my mates name was under recents which worried me… I then asked live chat if monzo can remember unlimited amount of payees and I was told it cant and it only remembers the recent which for me is very annoying :frowning_face:

Does anyone know how many peoples accounts it can remember? Has anyone maxed it out and seen payees start to disappear?

Nevertheless, Monzo is doing a great job and this is the only flaw I have found so far!

(MikeF) #45

I’ve not seen any payees disappear and the post from @Jami as well as the one at the top of this thread suggests that this won’t happen.

The key thing to remember at the moment is that the functionality we have is not final by any means so even if there is a limit there now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be with us forever.

(Nick) #46

Would like to be able to search that list.

Also could this be built into the feed? That already has search functionality, being able to find a payee there and have a pay again option would be cool

(Rob Winter) #47

I’ve just tried setting up a payment to my joint account with my wife (obvs not a Monzo acc) and this is the vibe I got whilst on the payments page:

Seeing a massive list of contacts from my phone is disconcerting. At the top are a few people I don’t actually like but need those people in my contact list – eg. ex partner, colleague etc. It’s irrational but I don’t like the feeling of seeing them there or accidentally sending them some money. I’d like to be able to hide this contacts list as, for me, the vast majority of them are irrelevant for banking purposes.

Adding a new payee is a slick journey but feels like there’s a lack of Monzo delight here. On my first use of this journey I was expecting to see some messaging around customising the payments page so it works in the way I need it to.

On completing the new payee journey I looked at the payments page & thought: I want to keep this payee at the top of the page, how long will a ‘recent’ payee stay there? It would be useful to have a shortlist of favourite payees.

I also thought 'dammit, I’ve got the same problem as with Natwest: In a list of multiple accounts of similar names I have to figure out which payee is who by examining the name, acc number & sort code. What I really need is a nickname for each so I can quickly – and accurately – determine who I am about to pay. Plus, adding an avatar of my choosing to each payee would help this. I don’t have too many payees to manage such a system.

Already suggested above in this thread but adding my support for it here: Ability to change reference for each payment. There should be a default reference, but I often want to override this with something more relevant to the payment at hand.

Last point, the visual design feels a little too stock iOS. This may not be Monzo’s design strategy but I tend to appreciate this approach in many apps: Top level screen here could make use of some big, friendly buttons to access the areas in question.

Looking forward to making the big switch from Natwest to Monzo once Pots are released! Keep up the awesomeness :smiley:


Saw the latest update to the Android app today includes enhancements to the payees screen. Well I was very disappointed. Still no way to delete or rename payees etc. If someone in Monzo has Starling or Monese please have a look at how others do it. Maybe then you can come up with a real improvement.

(Adam Kendrew) #49

Yeah I’m still surprised they haven’t come up for a solution to beautifying payees and transfers. I think I’ve seen Starling allow you to group all the bank accounts under one payee? Do they allow you to upload a picture for the payee too?


Not sure if they do allow you to upload pics but with some of my friends I don’t think I would want to see their photo :wink:

(Adam Kendrew) #51

Very true! I’m a bit obsessive in the fact I always make sure all my contacts have a profile picture though. :see_no_evil:

Even for work contacts I upload the company logo just to make sure it looks neat. I’d really like the ability to do the same with Monzo, so normal payees look as slick as a Monzo contact! :eyes:

(Jack Donovan) #52

You are as fussy as me :joy: I have mine set up to link to Facebook, and I’m fuming when a contact has a stupid name on Facebook so it doesn’t link.

Like remember 10 years ago when everybody was Natalie “Yummy Mummy” Jones? Etc. :rofl:

(Adam Kendrew) #53

Do you have your parents in your contacts as their full name? That’s how bad I am! :rofl:

(Jack Donovan) #54

Yes :joy::joy::joy: and my girlfriend!

(Adam Kendrew) #55

Haha. Finally found somebody as weird as me then! :joy::raised_hands:t3:

(Jack Donovan) #56

I didn’t realise I was weird… Is that not the normal thing to do? :rofl:

(Only available in amateur ) #57


(Adam Kendrew) #58

Join the club! :eyes:

(Kieran McHugh) #59

I’m completely rewriting the payee system at the moment. The MVP launching soon will allow you to delete recent payees. The full thing will be much more powerful and will hopefully remove our dependency on the Contacts app completely.

(Adam Kendrew) #60

Look forward to it :raised_hands:t3: