Recent payees list for current accounts


I have most entries in my phone contacts in English but have some in Russian and Thai scripts so not sure how that would throw out some systems

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Ok there’s weird and then there is this. What the hell? :joy:

Off topic also, does that mean you speak Russian?!


I do not speak Russian but my kids all speak it as their first language, as does a friend I used to work with. One kid is also fluent in English, the other is trying to learn English but at the moment can only ask for things (like I want “X” for my birthday or “Y” for Christmas) and not have a proper conversation, though they can understand more than they can speak.

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I do the same. On iOS I use a “nickname” field but besides that I always use first & last name. Makes it looks clean.

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I honestly find it an amazing language. I think it’s funny that English people think English is difficult when languages like Russian rely on the way things are pronounced to have totally different meanings.

Isn’t there only like 5 main letters in the Russian alphabet? (I’m sure I heard this from somebody who is Russian)


I do not know enough about the language, but I never had problems with in-laws. My father in law could not speak English, I could not speak Russian, we could exchange a few words of our limited German, but most time we just smiled at each other and would drink (cheers).

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Recommend Duolingo for Russian. I started but life got in the way

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Bloody life

Happy days, who could ask for more. Vodka by any chance? :joy::rofl:


Mainly beer, but I had fun with Vodka. I went to one person’s home and they kept pouring me Vodka. I kept drinking it thinking it may be rude to refuse, they kept pouring it thinking it would be rude to stop offering it. I got VERY drunk :wink:

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That’s a catch 22 right there :joy:

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Look forward to it. The update is a great start. See you’ve hidden away all my contacts under “invite to contacts” and hidden the golden ticket. Cheers.

Look forward to being able to delete/change payee’s.

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Wait not everybody does this???

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Have you seen those who have ‘Dave New’ and ‘Dave New New’? :weary:

(James Murray-Ferris) #74

I can confirm I have and simply I don’t know how those people live! But clearly they have friends who don’t understand how to get a PAC code either to just swap their damn number!

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It’s been six months since I wrote this post & the payments screen is no different. This morning I wanted to move some money to our joint account (obvs not a Monzo acc) & I actually couldn’t figure out how to achieve this simple task. The recent payees list wasn’t showing for some reason. I still had to wade through an ever growing list of my contacts who have signed up to Monzo before I can see the recents list (when it’s actually displaying).

I don’t think this is right at all. In fact, I’m actually quite disappointed in this UI. One of the most fundamental aspects of digital banking is being able to move money.

The first section of the payments screen should absolutely be a list of my favourite payees. A list that I have customised myself manually and named each accordingly to avoid payment errors.

I think this simple modification should be prioritised.

I’m happy to pop in & chat with the designers / PMs or participate in some usability sessions. Please invite me!

(Simon) #76

Hmmm, odd. This is what I see, recent payees list is right there as soon as I open the payments tab

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Hopefully you are still the chap that is re-doing the payee functionality. I do have one request I’d like to be able to add the same sort code and account number more than once. I have a few accounts with Nationwide that all have the same srt and acc with a specific reference to route it to my individual accounts. Is this something that Monzo are looking to add?


Would be good to be able to add pictures to payees so it looks neat and tidy like payments in and out.

(Kieran McHugh) #79

Yes, we are looking to support multiple references for each sort code and account number.


If you just have an option to have more references it is not as user friendly having to work out what reference to select (and potentially pick the wrong one) it is better to enable multiple instances of that sort code and account number but let us name them different things.


Any bank Gold Card
1234 5678 9012 3456

Any bank Black card
9999 8888 7777 6666

Is much better than

Any bank
1234 5678 9012 3456
9999 8888 7777 6666