Receiving Facebook payments

Has anyone used Monzo to receive a Facebook payment?

For those who don’t know, in Facebook Messenger you can send and receive payments between friends.

A friend and I were talking on Messenger, and she owed me some money, so I was going to send my link, but the Facebook algorithm obviously figured we were talking about money and offered her the opportunity to send it through Facebook payments. She did so and I received a confirmation message which then asked me to enter my debit card details, I got an active card check from Monzo, and it was confirmed. I assume that the process is that it’s done in a similar way to a debit card refund.

That was 14 calendar days ago (8 business days) and I still am waiting for the payment to arrive in my Monzo account, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the timescales if they’ve received a similar payment? Facebook told me that they send the payment “immediately” and in their experience it takes 3-5 days.

As a side note, just a rant really, in this world of and Faster Payments, why are debit card refunds so slow? It took 30 days for a £1 transaction on Amazon (presumably a check when I added a new card) to be refunded to my Monzo account - hardly a huge issue but it was thoroughly irritating.