Withdrawal Times

A gambling withdrawal was sent at 11pm last night. I’ve have used Monzo with a few different accounts and all clear within 4-8 hours once the money is sent and today it hasn’t. I understand it can take 3 days but the quick speed of This bank is why I opened it in the first place. Anyone know if they now take longer or what might have changed?

If the payment is being done by a refund to the payment card it can take up to a week to push through the plethora of merchant systems. As soon as Monzo receive the money it will be reflected in your account.

If the payment is done by BACS credit it will take at least 3 days however you can pull it in after 4pm the day before via the Monzo prompt

If the payment is via faster payments then it will be reflected on your account as soon as Monzo receive it


I suppose it’s just we get so used to the speed it becomes an inconvenience as soon as it’s any slower

Hey @DavidB these sorts of withdrawals are often processed as refunds by the merchant, so if you ask them for the ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) then we can try to chase it up on our end.

In most cases though, this should arrive within a week :blush: