PayPal Card Confirmation

(Ben Green) #1

I just confirmed my Monzo card with PayPal. With all the previous cards from other banks it’s taken a few days at least, sometimes a week for the 4 digit code to come through. With Monzo I got a notification on my app in less than a second. Really loving how instantaneous everything is. Good job guys! :clap:


PayPal only just refunded the confirmation charge a day later. They’re meant be an API driven payments service and Monzo is also API driven. I’m failing to understand why they couldn’t have refunded it instantly after the confirmation process was completed. Not bothered over £1, just curious to know what the delay was.

Monzo 1 - PayPal 0

(Ben Green) #2

(Michael Rudloff) #3

To be honest, it is PayPal … keeping £1 a day doesn’t seem much to us - but I bet in the big scheme of things, it adds up to their interest.

(Si) #4

And if you chat to support they will reverse the authorisation money immediately back to your account for me many times I love Mondo