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I am trying to setup messenger payments but every time they ask me for card details, I put my monzo current account card, I get the notification inside monzo that fb did active card check but fb always throw an exception that it fails to add card. Is this not supported?

Maybe a BIN recognition issue (it might be treating your card as a prepaid or something they don’t like)? Do they ask for an address, and if so did you put the proper postcode that’s on your Monzo account?

Also just curious, what’s does Facebook offer which requires payments? And why not just Monzo.me or Faster Payments?

Hey I just tried to see if there is a problem but it worked for me I usually use Paypal for Facebook payments but wanted to test so added Monzo card sucessfully no error. If you’re trying from Facebook App it might be worth trying from your computer browser.

Facebook Adds… and page promotions.

I tried to add my account through web and It worked however whenever I try to accept the payment, It’s still not working! Not sure if it’s FB issue or monzo! :confused:

Ah! OK sorry I didn’t try that. Maybe you could add Monzo at Paypal and use Paypal on facebook as a workaround

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Have you messaged COps for them to take a look behind the scenes and see if something needs a tweak? :hammer_and_wrench:

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