Receiving a Very Large bank transfer from Dubai

I need assistance. Is there a Monzo Live chat anywhere?

I am due to receive a large amount of money and considering I am travelling. The last thing I will need is my card to stop working because of this large transaction.

I read that for inbound transfers there is no limit, but need to be sure.

you would be best to contact in app chat to let them know you are expecting it , do you have a help screen which lets you type a question ? …type in “contact” …which should take you to “contacting support” and then to a “chat with us in app” option

limits are in your “account” under your main card picture - bank transfers in to your account are unlimited

Go to the question mark then search contact us

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Search Help for “Chat with us.”

You don’t say how the transfer is arriving so please remember that Monzo don’t officially support direct international transfers!

Gosh! So are you saying I will not receive the money? Oh my days! All the hassle we have already gone through and now its liked I’ll not receive it?
I am truly lost as this is my only bank account, and it’s too late to change anything now

You are awesome. Id never find this without your help. Thank you

Thank you. Found the chat box. I hope its unlimited I we read it. Otherwise i am in trouble

Thank you!

To be fair the help section for international payments does make it quite clear they don’t support them and it may not even work if you try the workaround

It will either arrive or it will ‘bounce’ and go back where it came from I believe. There’s no real way to tell.

The unhelpful bit is that if it isn’t straightforward, Monzo have no real way of finding out what’s going on since they have no direct connection to the networks involved.

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Had been thinking I’d open a Monzo account. Maybe not now if they can’t be bothered to set up International payments.

You forgot to recommend a Starling account this time like you usually do :joy: