Transfer limit

I’m getting part of an inheritance transferred into my account next week from an Uncle, and with it being a reasonable amount of money I was wondering if it would have any affect on my bank, like it being closed down or anything like that? Does anyone know

quite difficult to say without knowing all the details , Monzo will freeze accounts if the source of funds suggest they are " dodgy " according to their fraud algorithms …not suggesting your uncle or the part of your inheritance is dodgy or his bank accounts are dodgy.

I have transferred several thousand pounds in from NS and I and my other bank accounts on numerous occasions without contacting in app chat with no problems at all over the past 5 years , may be worth contacting in app chat for peace of mind before the transfer … bear in mind you can only transfer out £10k a day if you want to forward it on to a interest savings account

How do I access the in app chat, that’s what I’ve been looking for

hmmm I use iOS so for me its go to the “help” question mark at the bottom right , type in “contact” … tap “contact support” at the top of the list … then tap “chat with us in app”

or … tap the question mark on the home screen , scroll down to the bottom of the screen tap " chat with us "

or… tap the question mark on the home screen , type anything into the search box , and scroll down to "I cant find what Im looking for " will take you to chat

Click into your account, then the account button above your transactions and then there’s a “limits” button.

You’re unlimited for transfers in but it depends on what you want to do with the money etc as to what limit you’d hit. The limits can be raised by request on the chat.

Chat won’t be able to tell you anything because they don’t know your Uncle. Only once the transfer has happened will they investigate if they deem it suspicious but that’s very unlikely.

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