Receiving money from overseas

Hello All,

Just wondering if there are limits on what you can receive to your Monzo account.

I live in the UAE and want to transfer 30k GDP from my UAE account to Monzo. The money is legit and accounted for.

Has anyone had any issues?


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I’m not sure you’ll be able to send that straight to your Monzo as international payments are a bit finicky.

I had a much smaller inbound international payment and was advised by a COp to open a transferwise account and then move it through that way.

I think this thread outlines the best ways of making international payments:


I’ll have a read of the thread.

I’ll be using a similar currency broker to transfer the monies, GC Partners.

Will that still be flagged?

Thanks for the advice.

Who do you bank with in UAE?

It’s not that I can comment on whether it’ll be flagged (I don’t know that it will or won’t - I’d suggest mentioning it to Monzo though).

It just Monzo doesn’t strictly accept inbound foreign transactions - so I had to receive the incoming payment into my Transferwise and then send it to my UK Monzo Account.

Your best bet would probably be to contact COps through the app!

I bank with HSBC

Ah ok I understand.

I don’t think Transferwise accept Dirham right now. But I’ll search for alternatives and speak with Monzo.


I’d imagine HSBC to HSBC would be the safest bet, even if it is a bit costly. That amount of money crossing borders is likely to get anti money laundering antennas twitching.

I have an ENBD account in AED and GBP so I just transfer to that then out.

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