Transfer limit too myself


I have 40K to move to a Santander account in my name to go towards a house purchase.

Just now I transferred 10K intending to do in 10K lots having read that’s the top limit of transactions with a Monzo account.

Then it occurred to me this might not be the case with this other account also being in my name?

The money was originally also transferred to my Monzo account from this same Santander one too.

thanks for any help.

It’ll be the same limit.

If you speak over chat they can raise it for you.

You will need tell them that you need the limit raising, what you’ll need it raising to (include any other transfers you’ll need to make in the day) and who you are transferring to.

They’ll ask you to provide a selfie with you holding a form of ID.

Thanks codf

Is the chat done through the app? if so can you explain how please?

And is this only UK business hours as working nights currently!


Chat is indeed done in app :slight_smile:

Go to the “Help” tab in the app, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap “Chat with us”. Monzo support is available 24/7.

Thanks Nsteer

All I got when I tried was what it called automated!

There are some automated responses to check whether your query can be solved without chatting to a member of support. It should be pretty straightforward to get through those questions, there should only be a couple, and speak to a person though.


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