Receive money back to wrong account

I sent money to another Monzo account via Monzo link. I sent money out from my Joint account. When that account would send money back to me, but the money was back in my Personal account. I think the money should back in the Joint account or same account that used to transfer the money out.

Monzo joint accounts don’t have links, they only apply to personal accounts. If the person who returned the money used your link, then it will go into your personal account only. If you want the money to go in your joint account they need to do a traditional bank transfer to your joint account details.


Monzo won’t know how to direct the money when it’s sent to you, it will simply credit it to the account it was sent to.

If they paid by bank transfer then it will go to whichever account’s details were used and I think the link will always pay into your personal account.

There’s no link on Monzo’s end between the outgoing and incoming transactions so there’s no way to ever make this work unless you use salary sorter on eligible transactions, or transfer manually.

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